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  1. chookey

    Since brexit has just gone to hell .... anyone got a good Plan B?

    I gave an angry face due to the comment about a united Ireland. Subject of the thread is Brexit, a contentious subject which will not be solved here, quite the opposite I feel.
  2. chookey

    Surface tablet locked

    Seen a member who joined this morning with a reaction score of -1. Not seen that before
  3. chookey

    Surface tablet locked

    Hello again sid2003. You've been busted mate. sid2003 last seen 29 minutes ago, Davekingin signs in 28 minutes ago. Uses the same ip address and thinks we're all idiots on DW, lol
  4. chookey

    [Download] City and Guilds 2365 Unit 202 Principles of Electrical Science Exam Past Paper Questions and Answers

    The guy who "liked your post" joined half an hour ago and stayed online for 1 minute during which he didn't make a post but liked a couple of your posts. Not dodgy in the least :rolleyes:
  5. chookey

    [Download] City and Guilds 2365 Unit 202 Principles of Electrical Science Exam Past Paper Questions and Answers

    I warned about this happening here a year ago. Caught a guy out a couple of days ago doing it and he more or less admitted it. I suggest we award new members who moan they still can't download even though they've put so much effort in 😭 They should have one of these as an avatar which is only...
  6. chookey

    Charger same voltage diff amperage

    Yes, the circuit will only draw the current it is designed for. If a fault developed which would increase the current demand the extra 500ma would have negligible effect.
  7. chookey

    Any electronic engineers around?

    Sounds like possibly a protection circuit is kicking in. High res photos of the board may be helpful.
  8. chookey

    Sextortion scam

    Pointless replying mate, the only thing they will be monitoring is their bitcoin wallet. They will be using throwaway email addresses which they never revisit. I was already aware that my email and pass from the xbox360 site had been compromised, coupled with the fact I use a desktop without a...
  9. chookey

    Sextortion scam

    I received one of these blackmail emails this morning. It included a genuine password that I have used in the past on 3 or 4 low priority sites. They claim that I joined a porn site and they activated my webcam and filmed me pleasuring myself 🤪. If I ignore the email they will send the video to...
  10. chookey

    Flexible Phones

    That would be the South Koreans, LG ;)
  11. chookey

    Power Banks

    If you're taking or hiring a car then an inverter would be the solution if you want to power a pc. No way are you doing it from a power bank 🤭
  12. chookey

    Cooker Help

    Can't believe I just gave nara a like for a post from 2013 ffs. :rolleyes:
  13. chookey

    Razer headset wires

    I reckon they might connect if they went into molten solder. Flow the joint and push the wire in, leave the iron on it just slightly longer than normal and see if you have made a connection. Hopefully the coating will have melted, the conductor will have soldered and the fibres will have added...
  14. chookey

    Razer headset wires

    Strip a small piece of insulation by heating with your soldering iron then carefully trim back to size.
  15. chookey

    [DOWNLOAD] Panasonic Unified Maintenance Console Training Files and Software

    Sorry mate it was coded, password 2ufrompanasonic
  16. chookey

    So that is what they call fast food.

    Nice to see a waiter get his skates on :)
  17. chookey

    [DOWNLOAD] radio decoders pro

    Your 1st post would suggest otherwise
  18. chookey

    [DOWNLOAD] radio decoders pro

    That's a great idea. Let's start a new request section for people that need a download but don't want to abide by the Forum rules. :)
  19. chookey

    You can bog off

    I'm 63 now miggy, dribble all the time :)