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Thread: cant get tring

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    cant get tring

    right after a couple weeks of tweaking ive gt my dish up and all the sats i want are there aprt from the tring channels on 16 degrees east .the sig strength and qual on all others is [i think ] ok, 80-90 percent .but on 16 east i can only seem to get 82 strength and 73 qual and cannot pick up the transponder that the tring channels are on .i had to go in and tell the tm600 to scan this trans and no luck .
    tm 600

    transponder im after is 11283 h27500 5/6.

    any help appreciated cheers

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    Re: cant get tring

    Hi mate, it's coming in for me ok, can you go into setup>satellite and transponder edit>motor control, select the transponder and then move "motor fine" give it a few seconds to settle after each single move, start east for a few moves and then go back to the original position (exit,exit,exit) then try west. ps what size dish have you got and where abouts?

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    Re: cant get tring

    cheers for replying .ive got a 90 cm dish and im in cambridgeshire .so i think it should be big enough .well i hope so cos it took me two years to convince the mrw to let me have that one :p i really wanna do it all by myself and not pay someone to come and do it for me an installer for sly so have a fair bit of experience with normal dishes but just cant get my head round this .all the gear is only a fortnight old so i doubt the lnb is shagged .and surely if im getting nearly 90 percent on 1 w and 28.2e i should get 16 e no probs ? and il give the fine move another try 2mrw cheers for that mate.mabye my elevation is out mabye my skew is wrong
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    Re: cant get tring

    No probs mate
    Just keep on trying till you get there.
    A good test of your arc is 26E and 7W. 26E (try 11919H 27500 3/4) has some good FTA films mbc action and max, with a good epg and dubai one etc. It took me a while to find it but it's solid now, also try 7W (11977V 27500 5/6) on a clear night, city7 tv is about the strongest or abudabi sports 2 which shows a lot of motor sport and all the support races f3, gp2 etc on the morning of a grand prix. Never trust usals, its ok on the strong satellites but useless on the weak ones, fine tune and save it as a diseq position.
    Let us know how you get on with 16E and that Tring card.
    ps the skew should be set at zero on a motorised setup, "vertical" when on 1w, I assume you have checked/adjusted the position of the lnb fwd/backwd to get the max signal with no skew as it can make quite a difference. Without a doubt the best lnb i have found so far is an "inverto black line ultra" price it up on ebay, you may be pleasantly surprised.
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    Re: cant get tring

    thanks mate im gna have a few hours on it today il let u know how i do .i havent gt the card yet cos the games im interested in are on sly or eson until sept so uim in no hurry .il defo follow ur advice thanks very much

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