Seen this posted on some other forums...Looks like Black Hole team have decided to follow in the footsteps of OpenPli and go open source...means we might be seeing nightly builds, and a while host of new images based on BH which is great news...

Black Hole team is proud to announce a new experimental project OpenBlack Hole:

1) What is OpenBlackHole project ?
OpenBlackHole is an Open Source project based on Openembedded 1.6
OpenblackHole project will provide to image developers an updated universal OE 1.6 git that will support all the main linux stab:
-Vu+ Duo
- Vu+ Solo
- Clarke Tech Et-9000
- dm500hd
- dm800
- dm800se
- dm8000
OpenBlackHole git will be updated every day with the latest updates of DMM Vuplus and ET9000

2) What kind of images are available in OpenBlackHole ?
At the beginning of the project the OpenBlackHole git can compile pure cvs images with latest enigma2 versions for all these machines. If the project will have success and there will be users and coders partecipations the project will start to produce opensource images depending of code implementations and additions.

3) Where are OpenBlackHole git and public sources ?
You can find the project git at url: http://openblackhole.git.sourceforge...tweb-index.cgi

4) Howto compile images with OpenBlackHole OE ?
First of all you have to know howto compile images, this project is for image developers and not an howto for newbies. If you know howto compile e2 images the istructions are really simply:

- create a directory on your linux box
- put in the directory the makefile you find here in attach (unzip before)
- edit makefile to choose machine (ie: MACHINE ?= et9000)
- type the command:

make -f Makefile-openblackhole-1.6 image

- Once the image is created you can use the command form the build directory:

source ./env.source
bitbake -k openblackhole-image

to rebuild the image

5) Howto follow the project development ?
You can see all the project additions and modifications checking the commits at the url:

6) How can i help and partecipate to this project ?
- If you are a simple user: you can test images, find bugs and make suggestions.
- If you are an image builder: you can build your own image with OpenBlackHole git, post your compiled images here in the board so all the simple users can test
- If you are an image coder: you can suggest additions to the project or propose your code to be added in the project remembering that this project is open source.

Have fun and happy tests and image compilations !!