Thread: Can it* shut down boxes?

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    may be they can lock the boxes, but i don`t think they will, coz surely its far easier to send ecm`s out, than having to do software updates and possibly blocking everybody?

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    Weaver, ask him if he can slip a couple under his overcoat for us.

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    Sorry all,<br />I've already asked about getting some boxes out but the securety is really strict apparently they are checked in and out of the factory and sometimes searched, sorry again all

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    All this about od sending out firmware updates, you know when it goes please update your box etc.

    Well if that kid was right OD would have sent out a firmware update with embeded logic to detect a dodgy card, obviously they haven't, i know of ways how they could sort it, but it would invole more that just a update i tell u that. But wat the f**k i aint gonna say anything on ere, go on the free **, those mugs over at I** just have to swallow lol.

    well done. personally most of the stuff on od is shite, some films fair enough are alright, but peeps get out, keep ya heart healthy, shag or something, play footy, enjoy life.

    One question: why am i paying for a ** license to fund the f**king bbc? haven't the bbc heard of sponsorship? i rather have me money going to the NHS, at least i know me money is doing good, not making shite like the weakest link.

    Easy peeps me happy, thats enough b*tching from me today : )

    dr comfm london

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