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Thread: Need A Powerful Wireless Router??

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    Need A Powerful Wireless Router??

    OK I have both BT and Cable. I want a Wireless Modem that can support my Cable connection and possibly my BT at some stage.

    Currently I have a Belkin Pre-N Router and a BT Hub.
    The Bt Hub delivers 5-8mb most of the time but my Belkin Pre-N Fluctuates too often, especially since there are over 8 neighbours who have wireless routers now in range.

    I want a router that will allow minimum interfearence and maximum range.
    I am willing to spend up to 150, so pls could you gusy advise me accordingly.


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    NETGEAR DG834N or D-LINK DIR-655 Seems really good.
    What do you guys suggest?

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    Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 Router (Shop around I think they're obsolete so you are looking for old stock)
    EDIT: Just noticed Broadband buyer has the router in stock too

    Most powerful router I know of, Not Pre-N or N, Just raw horse power. Can be used in Routing or Bridging mode.

    Unfortunately you aren't allowed to change the aerial because this would make it illegal as it would put out more than 100mW. Although the output power % is adjustable in the configuration screens so you can tweak it to your requirements.

    So don't use aerials such as this one or similar.

    Otherwise you might unwittingly break the law and not even know it.

    Just one thing to remember, datacoms is a two way conversation, if your laptop etc hasn't got the power to get back to the router you will see a great signal strength but still not be able to connect.

    ps any aerial you choose must be of the "pigtail" type as the hole to screw the aerial into the router has been made slimmer, the R-SMA connector is slightly sunk into the body limiting aerial choice to pigtail rather than straight forward screw on replacements (unless you don't mind cutting away a little of the surrounding plastic)

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