yweb & live stream with vista


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Jul 18, 2005
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Hi as anybody tried using the live stream in yweb when using windows vista
when i try to run vista seams to just shut down explorer

any ideas ?
thanks in advance gary
Not getting any issues within Vista when run but just can't get any streamed TV.

There must be someone out there who could walk me through it, I have tried every tutorial without success.

I can also record TV ok but won't play back properly on TV through Dbox. Just would love to get TV up on PC.

I use a Sagem DBox 2 and PC has Vista Pro.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
What Image are you using... There are just a few
Seem to have the same problem with whatever image I use.

I have just installed Commando 8. Very happy with it but still no joy with streaming
I just got wingrabtv working with Vista, strange it wouldnt until I ran vlcrape ..??
What Version of VLC do you use and what Explorer ?

IE or something else and have you installed the Activex or Mozilla Plugin ?
Ok still can't get yweb to stream but got some results in WinGrabTV although at the moment seems to be a problem with Ucode 14 as picture keeps freezing on TV and stream. Ucode 1A works but not got coding to stream so no good.

Anyone else having trouble with Ucode 14 today? Was always ok before.

Sticking with it though I will get there in the end. lol