Young 'prefer illegal song swaps'


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May 24, 2005
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Young 'prefer illegal song swaps'

The music industry could be facing a crisis because of the number of young people still illegally downloading from the internet, a report has warned.

The report by Jupiter Research suggests European consumers who download music from illegal file-sharing websites outnumber those using legal services.

It says illegal networks are used three times as much as legal ones.

It also warns that file-sharers, particularly young people, have little concept of music as a paid commodity.

The UK music industry has been cracking down on illegal file-sharing.

The BPI recently stepped up its campaign by launching 65 new legal cases against those it accuses of large-scale file-sharing.

Free consumption

Jupiter analyst Mark Mulligan said: "The digital youth of today are being brought up on a near limitless diet of free and disposable music from file-sharing networks.

"When these consumers age and increase spending power they should become key music buying consumers.

He added: "Unless the music industry can transition these consumers whilst they are young away from free consumption to paid music formats, be they digital or CDs, they may never develop music purchasing behaviour and the recording industry could suffer long-term harm."

The research suggests only five per cent of all internet consumers pay to download music while 15% share the music without paying.

In the 15-24 year age group, 34% admitted to sharing music online without paying for it.

However, the report did find a solid demand for paid music downloads from sites such as iTunes, with 10% of Europeans willing to pay to download tracks.
Sweden reported the highest demand with 31% prepared to pay.

Story from BBC NEWS:
Published: 2005/11/28 13:13:53 GMT
gotta catch me 1st... if people want something for free then tough.. u have to pay 4 everything in this world so 4 people that sit on the dole all their lives why not just let them get on with it.. anyway its not stealing from the music industry as such we just share a song or album x 1,00000000 and it will always happen!

few possible theories of mine to combat and crackdown on file sharing would be:

1) limit all email accounts to 1mb
2) make p2p software illegal
3) all web file hosts will not support files bigger than 2mb
4) closedown all file sharing networks (like winmx lol)

other ways to reduce copying and the use of government taxing:

1) heavily tax media disks including blank dvd and blank cd-r

so there you go like it or lump it that would solve at least 50% of the problem str8 away, ive had these ideas for some time now its only a matter of time b4 something like this happens we all know that!