You Tube Uplaod Help?


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Sep 9, 2005
I have a few vids to upload from my HDD camera (.MOD)
Now the problem is they are all about 60-130mb
what is the best way to convert them to a smaller file size to upload to you tube?

Thanks in advance


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Oct 4, 2005
Use a compression software where you are able to choose the video and audio compression bit-rates. You may want to try MediaCoder, I think it's something like that.

Alternatively, have a look on google, I'm sure there are articles around which will help you more with this sort of problem.


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Aug 23, 2007
I found this thread,

With this comment,

Hi there,

Sorry to butt in but there is a much easier way.

First, go to:

Download their software. This one is REALLY free!

It works great too. Install it on your PC.

Upload JVC files. Go thru all the things they suggest that you do in the instructions. (for example on my computer, the Envirio is stored in my F: drive and are uploaded there. Make a new folder in the envirio file and store both your SD files and your EXT files into this folder) (drag and drop)

Now make a new folder on your desktop specifically for the new file. Call it whatever seems appropriate.

Once the files are uploaded to envirio on your PC, go to 'my computer'. Find the files. Now find the .mod file(s) that you just uploaded.

Open the prism converter. Drag and drop the file(s)into the prism converter, one at a time. To get the file from .mod to .avi, the prism free video converter will recognize this and have to update itself. (if you've got cable, its really quick) The program also wants to know the 'destiny' of the convertion. Browse til you find the folder you created on your desktop. Add it. Then click on 'convert'.

Sit back and wait. Your new .avi files will be created in a short time and will be in your new desktop folder waiting for you! This is way cool. It took me hundreds of hours to find a free tool that was actually free and a NO Brainer to use with my JVC. Whew! You can now edit it and work with it in Movie Maker. *You'd have thought they'd have thought of this and done something about it by now for us!!!

Hope this helps someone!