You know those really expensive hi-fis costing into the thosands?


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Jul 19, 2004
Well, you would think a lot of care would have been taken in constructing them by someone knowledgeable.... wouldn't you?

This isn't so much a rant than something some of you might like to know. Leema is the brand in question here.

I work for a company that basically started off designing and manufacturing automated milking parlours for feeding and milking cows and cleaning up the area later (apparently a bucket, shovel and brush are out of date now!) but they also have contracts in manufacturing bus dashboards and a Leema hi fi which retails at well over a thousand pound.

Well I don't work personally on the hi fis myself (I personally work fault finding on the bus dashboards (usually flipping chips around cause some guy in manufacturing puts them on the wrong way!)) but those that do have little experience in the field as in no soldering experience to begin with. There's a guy there that started the same day as me that admitted he only applied for the job so he could learn soldering. Before that, he stayed at home making his living off eBay. I've noticed quite a few times the boss walking on over and pointing out stuff that's wired wrong or other problems. They don't even look particularly high quality components wise and very basic.

So think again if you think when you spend all that money on a big expensive hi-fi that it's worth all that money ;)

I'm not saying that's the case with others but I bet it can be applied to many others and other different products.


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Aug 24, 2003
I wonder if he has put a few on eBay, considering his past history!