Yeehaa! It worked i can put away the apsrin!!!


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Mar 30, 2005
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All my own fault.
Someone told me that one of the earlyer tutorials had capitals in the command lines instead of lower case.
I was using the old one of course!!!!
Just about to give up when i realised.
I am sending you this message on a 1.8mb line.
Now whats next.
I wanna combine my subbed with this one.
More power...Grrrrrr!
And thanks to the brain box who worked all this out.
ta very much
Well done m8 but why dont you just use a 10mb config and combine that with your sub if you feel the need.
Did someone say 10Mb's!!!!!!!

Am i correct i have to find a mac with a 10mb config on an ambit?

And is it correct that with a surfboard you can just put the config in with any old mac address?

Just so i understand. You put the file name and it dowloads it?

It will be a few days before i start on the surfboards.
Oh i am being silly though???