Xmas movie


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Mar 16, 2005
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I need to get into the xmas spirit, so I need some movie sugestions.
My fav xmas movue is "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation":Clap:

What's yours?
watched home alone with the kids last night and i know Muppet's wizard of oz is on on Sunday followed by Alice in wonderland the movie then the original wizard of oz ch5. ofc depend whether your watching em on your own or with kids but we watch Muppet's Christmas carol every year usually as for me all time favorite hmmm has to be Santa clause the movie just come out on DVD too that. hope you get in the crimbo spirit soon m8.
I used to watch Gremlins around christmas time lol...i watched ELF the other night after the mrs twisted my arm.Last night i rented Bad Santa [not for kids] it had it's moments.
christmas is not the same without the great escape ;)

but there is loads one of my favourite christmas movies is as the topic starter said national lampoons christmas vacation (or any chevy chase movie to be fair)