Xbox One faulty HDMI signal


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Mar 7, 2005
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I just watched this on youtube and thought it maybe handy having the link here.



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Aug 2, 2007
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Good video, I've done similar stuff.
Using the correct iron, rework station (right temp) and the correct flux is the key.
I just had cheapo stuff but still did the trick as I was only doing it for myself definitely not on any commercial scale.
I still have a SolderPro 20 a gas filled job. I've had it 15 years +.
Don't ask me why but I sometimes I still drop back on it. I suppose its because its more precise and I know how close to go without doing other stuff damage.

In the video it still amazes me how he never bridges anything as the pads are all underneath. I know it's the flux but still.

When he lifts the chip its a good idea to put heat tape around it. There's nothing worse watching those little buggers around it blow into oblivion.
But its an interesting video and good to know which part/s can actually fail.
I'd be interested to know how he would have approached it without anyone touching it first and how he would diagnose which of the 3 parts he would replace and in what order, he could end up replacing all 3.

If your going to have a go yourself best bet get a knackered board and practise.
Once you get the nack its not that hard
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