Xbox Live ?


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Mar 7, 2007
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Just set up my new xbox , its the core one.

I want to play online, but what do i need ?

i looked on amazon and i see they sell a wireless bridge for £55 and a gold package for live for £35.

Is this what i need ? it seems quite pricey .......!!!!
u dont need any of that...
just plug your internet into the back of your xbox...and away u go..
subscribe to xbox silver (which is free) ...
then upgrade to gold...which will be totally free for the first month.
i use a mem card at the moment to save games on.
mate, all i have done is:

Connected my xbox to my router
created a new profile
filled out registration on xbox and put in credit card number
They debit 5 £ a month from my card and im online constantly

Didnt have to purchase any outside codes etc. A lot of the codes you can get only give you one months access to gold membership before asking for credit card . So i'd watch what you buy from ebay as after a month has gone it'll be pretty hard to get any refunds etc.

Just do it yourself

Add me xbox username - fastbloke57
I got my ages ago from ebay for about 23 quid.

There was a thread a while back saying that the American (the ones on ebay) codes won't work in the UK anymore. I don't know how true that is, but check it out before you buy.