Xbox 360 HD DVD Drive 16.92euros Delivered


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Feb 15, 2007
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Thought I better make it clear. This deal is from Amazon Germany (de), not a 3rd party seller. Log in using your normal amazon details and order as normal - if you need help translating see the link at the bottom :)

An absolute steal if you have a 360 and want some cheap HD DVD goodness, or if you want one as backup. COMES WITH MEDIA REMOTE AS WELL!!! (inkl. Fernbedienung)

Prices do seem to be coming down at the moment, considering the prices in Ireland, but I can imagine these selling out quickly, especially as they deliver to the UK. I decided to add a HD DVD movie as well, as it didn't affect the postage cost, and you couldn't get it from the UK.

It also works perfectly as an external PC HD DVD Drive ;)

Thanks to rojgelf on AVForums

Works out around £13.20 Delivered using

If you need help translating:|en