x box 360 in new york


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Jul 11, 2001
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im currently in new york and looked at an x box yesterday but did not see the "pal" logo so will it work in the uk using american discs or can it be converted
it will work in the uk if your using american discs, but if you want to play games you buy here you'll have to get it chipped.

and i dont know if there even is a chip for the x360 yet.
but if there isn't there should be soon.
i think nyc is on 110v so might need a transformer??

it will work in uk with NTSC disks but as its not out yet cant confirm if it can be converted to PAL or not.

If ure looking for a PAL box....wait til ure back in the UK as if it goes wrong then its along way to take it back also reading on other forums theres a probem with them overheating / freezing etc
much cheeper here the electric isnt really a problem as in the uk they are reduced anyway just like a computer psu
Paul u lucky gat :( wish i was in new york,been listening to chris moyles all this week cuz he's there too doin the show :) Hope u havin a good time m8.. dont 4get me xmas pressie :)