WTD: PS2 with 2 Controllers


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Dec 27, 2005
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My mate has been after a PS2 for ages so he can play pro evo on that instead of his xbox does anyone have cheap one for sale or know where I can get one for him less than £50?
I have a slimline ps2 available which is chipped and comes with two controllers, a memory card and over 20 games. It is in excellent condition and is boxed.

I am willing to sell it for £120.

Please reply if you are interested.
Sorry mate over priced also your not trust worty enough with only 6posts. No offence of course.
Still after a PS2 and am willing to pay upto £80 for a chipped one with games 2pads and £40 for standard console and 2pads.
bally m8 i know of one for sale on another site i use he wants £120 ono for it but comes with something like 130 games ana all the stuff if thats any good to you.
My mate just wants one as cheap as possible to play pro evo mate, its not for me.
I am willing to sell mine for £100 now including delivery. Everything that is included is mentioned in my previous post of this thread.
Like I said in my other post your not trust worth enough and you dont even have a proper username...
iv got a chipped one in excellent condition with pro evo 5 and 6 and a fair few other games, with 3 controllers all in excellent condition. will let it go for £100. Also got the DVD remote knocking around somewhere and comes with the memory card. PM me if interested mate before i put it on ebay.
i have one chipped with only 1 pad, think i got pro evo 5 + 6 somewhere, i have buzz and buzzers, got other games like call of duty 3, final fantasy 12 + others i cant remember. you can have it for £80 but the cd drawer sticks sometimes but dont stop it working, it has a new laser only fitted 2 months ago too. you can get another pad in cash converters for £5.
Try Eaby they have a few for around the £50 mark.

Regards to the almighty