wrongly flashed DBox2


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Oct 24, 2005
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well - i hope someone out there can help - i knacked by dbox by trying to copy an image from my mates dbox (newer than mine) to mine and now it wont boot - its gets as far as "no system" - ive tried flashing it with the dbox2 image flash software but it tried to but cant - i can start the box and get to a command prompt through hyperterminal "dbox2:root>" thats about it - not a total novice (got a dreambox too) which ive also knacked up before but managed to recover from just the com port access so i wondered if it could be done the same on this unit.....?

help would be nice as ive been at this for the last 5 hours....


Hi I had the same problem for ages until leefield sent me IFA2 now the boxes I had trouble with are fixed.
Give us a shout I fer wonit cos there has been a problem uploading it, Ia, sure it won't be lomg before it is up there as I have just sent it to davidh

sorry i havent got back sooner - had to take the night off last night or i would have been in the divorce courts......back on the block tonight when i get home from work - im currently using the ifa software but it doesnt work - but and its a big one when i cocked up my dreambox the general recovery was pretty well the same - i tried for a couple of hours with no luck then i though "one last time" and it worked - so - it could be the same way with the dbox.....just out of curiosity does lan cable length make any difference as the run to the switch is about 30 metres ( the house network switch is in the loft and im in the basement....) - cos if so i can use a little 8 port 10/100 on a couple of short cables....any way - thanks for the help so far....
mate keep at it, i done this and tried it laods of times, i got told to put a 2x image on the box when it was a 1x image i needed....try and get ifa 2 and as a rule of thumb, if it hasn't worked on the 3rd go, i restarted ifa.....and then gave it a go......mo fo it was but i did catch it and it let me flash with the correct image....

good luck man
i must be doing something wrong - ive just put my working dbox on and it does the same thing when i try and flash it.......i know ive got the right image - heres my setup

laptop with connected com port and lan cable to a cheapo 8 port switch - run the software select the com port attachment browse to the image and then ok - switch of the dbox at the mains hit ok on the ifa and then power up the dbox - i get this message from the comport

Boot net failed
BOOTP/TFTP bootstrap loader (v0.3)
debug: Transmitting BOOTP request via broadcast
debug: Given up BOOTP/TFPT boot
boot net failed

and it keeps rolling round that....and then fails....

so if my working box does the same thing i must be setting up wrong....
just out of curiosity - ive just played around with the ifa itself and made some change to the settings

changed the com port speed to 9600 and put in the last ip number i gave it before it went dead and got this message

flash superblock not ok: no bootrecord
boot flash /root/platform/mpc8xx-dbox2/kernel/os failed

which also rolls round and the fails......just thought the extra info would help
The os on the box is damaged.
Boot net failed means the bootp request didn't reach IFA and was not answered.
Start IFA, prepair it for flashing, hold down the up arrow button on the box and plug in your box. If you see text on the lcd you can release the button.
hmm not sure about that one.....if hold down the up button it does the same as before.......
whenever i power it up im getting the initial text on the screen right up to the part where you get the five blocks on the bottom of the screen...
just had a thought - if the os is knacked why do i get the same message on a working box...? - im sure im doing something wrong.....
mate what do you mean by the " switch " can you not get this direct ?
no - i havent got a network crossover cable - but was told you could use a 8 port switch - although if need be i could hack a network cable up.....
well as far as i know that could be it ? im sure you need a crossover man, and nothing else will work, this could be why......for all the trouble that your gonna go to, get a converter for about £1
i wouldn't know where to start with hacking one up man? i mean how the hell do you know what pins to " cross " ? woahhhh good luck man
just getting my wiring diagram out now - used to be a hardware engineer (servers and desktops) before i got into sys admin stuff......
nah - still getting the same message.......so you can use a network switch as well although it still doesnt help.....but i know my wiring is ok as my laptop is coming back up with a 10 meg connection so i know im cool with that - so ive gotta be doing something wrong or what the other guy said is that the OS is damaged but he said something about holding the up arrow down on boot but that doesnt do anything either......
if you send me your email via private mesage i'll email you the newest ifa which as gmac said fixed a lot of his boxes. i'm trying to upload to site but forums still not letting me. been trying since sat