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Aug 6, 2005
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Hi guys! I was wondering how I write a ROM 10 card? I have an infinity usb unlimited progger. I think this is meant to be in phoenix mode when I attempt to write the card???

Anyway, this is what I've done so far:

I opened card image in nagra 3.0
The image I used was bin10ROMA16-N*L from the downloads section.
I changed the BK and IRD to my own in data editor.
I saved the image to my10ROMetc...

Now where do I go from here guys?

What files go into the flash, inteep and exteep?

Thanks in advance guys!



There is a "write to card" option in Nagraedit.

is that all u do mate?

then its ready to use?

whats the use of the infinity progger mate?
right, I wrote to the card through nagra edit. It said opening of com2 successful, and then all this other stuff came, the last three lines were as follows:

disabling card
writing ROM10 failed
closing of com2 successful

am i going down the right route and if so, where do I go from here?

thanks in advance guys.
Hi :)
Open the infinity program
Click tools then vcp
It will then open up virtual com port
enable will send it to stray
Now u can use nagra
But your card is prob locked :confused:
thanks cc.

i already had the progger in phoneix mode - 3.68

the card is meant to be unlocked. I just got it today from fleabay...
ok guys. I wrote the card again and this time it says that the card has been written successfully!

is that me done?

should it be programmed guys?

i can't check at the moment anyway cos i'm at uni.

thanks guys!
should be job done provided:

(a) you've used the correct au image for your area
(b) entered the IRD correctly i.e. 12 34 56 78 is entered as 78 56 34 12
(c) got the correct boxkey.
Hope this simple Tut will help some people starting with MOSC

PDF and Word
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thanks for that carwash. I was going to write a tut myself once I'd done mine but u beat me to it!



anyway, when I am attempting to read my card, it asks for a 16byte password either nipper and another 2 options???

what do i put in here?

is it essential for me to read my card or can I just attempt to write to it straight away?
No"! its not locked
It's asking for your backdoor key

With Nagraedit open the image that you wrote to your card and under eeprom editor and in line C040 you will find the 16 Byte Key
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top man should help a few lost souls,maybe put it up in tut section as well.

Uploaded to TUT Section as well