WrestleMania 23


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Jul 22, 2005
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yeah! its 3 weeks untill the grandaddy of them all, WrestleMania! shud be a massive event, i love it when the WWE go into the big arenas, makes it feel like a big event. for me, wrestlemania shud always be held in massive stadiums of 50,000 and more capacity deffo, makes it more of a spectacle! imagine Wrestlemania 24 or 25 at the new wembley with the roof closed, 95,000 people and more to see it, wud be amazing.

any predictions for this year? i expected the wwe to go with a TLC with the hardyz, MNM and london and kendrick, i think that wudda been amazing.

also, is there a way to order this on virgin? ive got a subbed box and a wink wink box. :D i dont fancy paying 15quid for it, but i will do if i have to.

Oh yeah am looking forward to this too, especially now that one of the toughest sons a bitches to grace the ring is back for one night only... of course I'm talking about Stone Cold.

In terms of receiving it on your wink wink box, which one do you have? As far as I know, you are still able to view it whether its wink wink, boink boink, or snap crackle and pop.
i cant wait, we got a few lads, about 10 of us, going to watch it and get drunk : colors1
dont like watching these now, as they are so blatantly phoney now its unbelievable. worst thing is i have to take my nephew to see them at braehead arena in October(i think), aint looking forward to that, but im sure he will enjoy it. he still thinks its real.
i think what people need 2 really get into is the spectacle side of it, i mean ive loved it since i was a kid and now im more of an inside fan who knows whats going on behind the scenes and such, but i just love the suprise factor it sometimes brings, like i got goosebumps when austin returned to raw last week, and whenever the rock comes back its always special. i just love it when something happens that isnt expected and people go nuts. i go mad when that shit happens, love it!

the mania card itself is shaping up nicely i feel. and im gunna look into ordering this more, i think i will have 2 unplug the subbed box to get it on the wink wink box hahaa
I agree with you tomlad, its like any other show on television, its purely for entertainment purposes. Everyone knows its not real and sure some of the wrestlers arent the best at pulling off the moves to make them seem real.

But again like any other show be it a soap opera or popular tv show such as lost, it is full of different personalitys with different storylines and the odd few surprises. I agree the roster has weakened significantly since some of the big names have left, but everyone grows old and its only so many times you can land flat on your arse before you think enough is enough.

Not to mention, there are severe risks involved, landing incorrectly could cost alot, just look at the number of injuries over the last few years, not to mention the death of owen hart.

If you watch WWE or any other form of wrestling, relax and watch it with a pinch of salt. They're doing it for our entertainment.

yeah, the way i look at it, wrestling is an art, if done correctly its one of the most spectacular and breath taking forms of entertainment on television, if done wrong (wcw from 1998ish to 2001) then it can suck, but not neccassarily coz of the wrestlers but the writing staff. theyre larger than life charecters and you can get lost in a PPV for 3/4 hours. i think the fact that wwe is a bit down on stars is probably a good thing, it makes them push new talent, but they seem a bit low on gimmicks at the moment for new talent, usually the best gimmicks seem 2 be the ones which reflect the real people; steve austin, the rock, bret hart, shawn micheals, hardy boyz etc...

id love to just strip down the wwe and start again, theres some seriously misused talent there and i feel sorry for some of the guys because they aint ever gunna break the glass ceiling.

i wish ecw was still around (the proper one, not this bullshit one the WWE have come up with) that was wrestling at its best; hard hitting action, fantasic charecters, hard storylines, the best talent in the buisness and the best mind the business has ever produced perhaps in paul heyman!
well today is the day, the time for wrestlemania is upon us and im quite excited for the event. i must say the card is seriously lacking some 'big name' talent, (mainly coz HHH is injured, angle has left, jericho isnt there anymore, eddie gurrero is sadly no longer with us, jbl is retired, hogan isnt there, neither is the rock etc...) but the card looks quite good, i think the hbk match shud be quality, along with the money in the bank match, i think jeff will do something insane during that match.

i dunno about anybody else but i love the big time feel of the stadium based wrestlemanias and every year i look forward 2 seeing the wwe's stage efforts, so far nothing has topped the stage at wrestlemania x8 (and i dont know if anything ever will) but from what ive read, this years stage is set to be mental, it morphs and shit.

anyway i aint able 2 see this live 2nite, which im gutted about, so im going to have 2 wait untill 2morrow to download it! (unless anybody knows of a live stream being shown somewhere?)