WOW..England eventually are playing ODI cricket


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Jul 30, 2006
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On a batting pitch and England have a pretty decent total to chase but so far so good and Vaughan has even hit 2 sixes so far....why did they leave it until they were out of the comp to play ODI the way it was meant to be. Its still early days in this match but a great match if nothing else.
exactly thats what i am good vaughan looks when he hits a six by playing proper cricket shot.......quality at its best...beter take some tips before he goes back to normal lol
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Vaughan 79 from 68 balls, I guess he had to try this time because of new coach, if he had flopped again his ODI were over, but now he has given coach and selectors something to think about.
What a cracking match, meant nothing in terms of the comp, but great viewing.

awesome match...i reckon the crowd made it even better to enjoy...when Pieterson went i thought thats it its gone....but then nixon started...then he went right in the last over....and i thought no not again...
plus the commentators went that england never win when kevin pieterson gets a ton....heart was panacking but we got there just about....

this is what the world cup should be all about...a bit too late..hopefully finals will similar..