Phone Unlocking wots the best pay as u go sim?


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Dec 30, 2005
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just trying to find out wot the best network is to go on as a pay as u go customer. as im looking to maybe end contract and go pay as u go. thanks all.
Depends on your current usage m80 :)

Are you a texter or a talker?
Evenings and weekends or anytime?

I switched from monthly to O2 PAYG and save on average £20/month, (which probably just highlights that I was on the wrong tariff to start with ;)).
im more off a talker. is 3 any good for coverage?
3 now revert to the Orange network, where they don't have 3 specific coverage.
This used to be o2 untill a couple of weeks ago.
Im on O2, and for £10 to £15 a month i get 100 free minutes, which i rarely use up, so payg is ideal for me, plus you get other freebies with O2 as well treats they call them.
As already said it depends on how much you use your phone, there are new 1gb sim cards coming out soon so they will come in handy but might be dear.
O2 here m8 i put a tenner a month in and get 150 minutes off peak talk time free :)
well im more of a txt'er and i use Orange, top up by £10 a month and got 300 free txt.
I put my wife on Virgins £10 month tarrif. She gets 300 free texts and 300 mins free every month to any network. She can also carry them over for one month. Not PAYG but still good.
For calls abroad u cant beat Tesco (O2) 20p min any landline or mobile any time, this includes The States, Canada, Oz, New Zealand and loads more.
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i use t-mobile for txting mainly, and my main fone is on o2 :)
im quite happy with them both :)