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Oct 9, 2005
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hi guys my pc just pis**s me off at times. eveything working fine till one night i pressed the shutdown button and went to bed. when i got up in the morning it was still on the blue screen saying "windows is shutting down.... please wait" so it's been like this for a week now and the only way i can get it turned off is by taking out the power lead. every thing else works ok including loading up. just this which is doing my head in!

its a hp2.6ghz with 768ddr ram using xp home service pack 2

any help on sorting this out would be appreciated


Have you recently added any USB devices to your PC, i.e. a keyboard or mouse from the same manufacturer...???

Have yo uinstalled any language support recently...???
tried turning everything off in msconfig. also tried the webpage link and no good. last thing i installed was a bluetooth adapter so i'll try to uninstall that and see if that helps. if it doesn't take it i'm looking at reformatting eh.
Just for info chaps, XP Home doesn't have the security policy snapin, that's why it says it can't find the file...
Hi all, sorry for the "mis-information" I am an IT manager and we only use XP Pro, at home I also use the Pro version so I am not up to speed with XP Home!
its ok now got it sorted cheers guys.
just unistalled the bluetooth adapter including deleting the folders that were left in program files, ran system registry mechanic and all seems sorted. for now anyway

cheers everyone