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Oct 11, 2005
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hi folks first post in this section, ive an old premier wishbone 5 sat meter i would like to get updated and maybe need a new baterry for it do any of you know where i can get the software or battery,to get this up and running.cheers
I've heard of most meters but not this one

i can't find it on any search

do you have a picture of it?

and how old is it?
no pic m8 its the same colour and size as a lacuna the readings are on the face rather than the tip. below the display theres only two blue buttons you toggle with for sat and polarity
I got a battery pack to fit mine from www.cpc.co.uk (had to chop the connectors off the old and new packs and graft the old connector onto the new pack) that works well. It's a 10AA NiCad pack as I recall.
thanx m8 its becoming a bit of a chore this!