Wired & Wireless together


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Dec 26, 2006
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Upstairs at Erica's
Redecorating, so everything has been moved around. Previously using a wireless router for internet, xbox etc.

Due to everything being everywhere i have had to go hardwired to pc, router is another room with xbox. Now i don't need xbox to access internet, only pc. I have this working but i have to manually disable lan from pc and enable wireless, this makes pc talk to xbox, then if want to go on internet on pc i have to re-enable lan again.

This is a temporary measure but might be for quite a while.

Can i run both together, or do i have to keep switching to one or the other???
you cant have two network adaptors on the same subnet, running at the same time, that will be yer problem.
im confused, if xbox is connected to router and pc is (for internet?) then why do you need to change about? does xbox direct conect to pc?.

Anyway you can have 2 nic cards no problem, set them up manually and give them each ip addresses with same gateway (router), then either one will be able to get to the correct gateway (but if only 1 can physically connect cos it's direct wireless then only that connection will work)
Normally it would all go through router. But due to decorating I have modem connected to lan card on pc. The xbox is normally connected to pc too, to allow music/videos to be played through it. But as its not all setup yet, have just quickly plugged wireless router into xbox, this still allows me to stream from pc as long as its enabled but have to disable lan one.
Its not critical and no real hardship really, i think i need to crack on with decorating and get it all back to its original ways.
Just one of them need to know questions.