Windows XP Professional x64 Trial Software Kit free download.........

Come on............. whos guner be the 1st :)
zooropa said:
Come on............. whos guner be the 1st :)


me m8, prob never use it, but my moto

out for

microsoft dont give much away..........apart from bad
Just ordered the download version.

Need to reformat anyways as me 'puter is running slower than it used to. Will let you know how it runs on my Athlon 64 3200+.

At least if gives me something to do after work tomorrow... (off to see Saw 2 tonight)
i downloaded this a couple of months ago on bt thinking it was ordinary xp

b4 u spend too much time trying to get it working, check your device's web sites for drivers, sysboard/chipset video card and printers scanners etc etc cos they are all "new" win xp ones dont work

1 of the guys in a IT dept at a company i work for spent 3 days trying to get a hp/compaq system running (they have good site) he gave up and re-loaded xp back on and said the was gonna wait 6 months.....

if u have a go good luck