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OS Windows 7 boot loop after system restore

Discussion in 'PC Problems' started by silverdale, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. silverdale

    silverdale VIP Member

    I did a virus scan in safe mode and removed a couple of nasties but now I'm having problems booting Windows 7.
    I then system restored which it said was ssuccessful but I'm in a boot loop.

    It will boot to the swirling "welcome" then it says "logging off shutting down".
    I have tried F8 start up repair but that just made it blue screen when I got to the desktop.
    What's the best method to get it out this boot loop/blue screen and boot up correctly ?
  2. little_pob

    little_pob Jr Admin Staff Member

    Have you tried a repair install using the install disc?

    If you've not go the install disc, you can grab the ISO from the link in this thread: Microsoft OS Download link via MS Site

    Secure boot can cause problems, but we can cross that bridge if we come to it...
  3. silverdale

    silverdale VIP Member

    Thanks for that, I have a Windows 7 Pro SP1 OEM version on disc. I've nipped out and left it repairing so hopefully it will be sorted by the time I get back :) "Hopefully" being the operative word
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
  4. silverdale

    silverdale VIP Member

    I tried to repair using the disc in safe mode but it couldnt repair windows. I then tried to re-install windows by booting form cd/dvd drive disc and keeping the files but it said it cant do this I must do it from windows, problem with that is, I cant boot into windows as it's stuck in a boot loop
    [MENTION=4475]little_pob[/MENTION], I tried to download windows 7 pro but couldn't figure out how
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
  5. silverdale

    silverdale VIP Member

    I have tried to repair the boot via Bootrec.exe and cmd via the disc but it's still the same.
    I'm beginning to think it's something else. What I have noticed is, The PC works fine in Safe Mode but it's like there's like an automatic timer of some sort say via screensaver or something that logs the PC off after about 30 seconds then shuts down and reboots all over again. I've looked in Control Panel but I can't see anything

    If anyone can please help do so, I can operate in Safe Mode fine but repairing Windows 7 is nigh impossible or even install a new copy keeping files.
  6. little_pob

    little_pob Jr Admin Staff Member

    If it's working in safe mode it could well be a driver conflict. To confirm this, go to the Start button > type msconfig > Boot tab > tick the Safe boot option > reboot as normal (hopefully).
  7. Spectre

    Spectre Active Member Staff Member

    Like [MENTION=4475]little_pob[/MENTION] says, Windows will get to a certain boot stage if some of the low level drivers are not right then reboot. The one I've seen causing most bother is the HDD interface driver.

    Has anything changed hardware-wise? Check the BIOS (I won't be much help with UEFI) to make sure something hasn't changed.
  8. silverdale

    silverdale VIP Member

    I've been at it all night, I dug deeper and it seems like there"s corrupt windows files that cause critical errors on boot so I turn off the boot restart on failure so I can at least try to upgrade the Windows via the installation DVD.
    Just loading now but I'm not holding my breath
  9. Spectre

    Spectre Active Member Staff Member

    Boot using a Live Linux and take your files off and reinstall. Use imaging software after that :).
  10. spud1966

    spud1966 Moderator Staff Member

    i would try and use HDD Regenerator and see if it can fix any bad sectors at the beginning of the hard drive

    fixed loads of pc's that will not boot with that


    are if that not working , you can run Hirens Boot dvd and run mini win 7 , see if you can access your drive , then just backup any important files , pic , doc and music to a external drive

    here is a link for HDD Regenerator but you will have to make it bootable

    here is Hiren’s BootCD 15.2

  11. silverdale

    silverdale VIP Member

    Will do thanks, I think I'll do that. Drag all the files off then take a look at the HD with Hirens and if I have to get a new HD as this ones been hammered, Thanks for the advise
  12. silverdale

    silverdale VIP Member

    Well I've ended up formatting and a fresh install as I were losing the will to live.

    No wonder I was trying to put it off, 160gb of utter crap: pics mp4s and music I filled up a spare hard drive just with the wife's muck.

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