Phone Unlocking will d500 get blocked


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Oct 20, 2004
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hi. im thinkin of buyin a d500 which is on orange off a mate. he told me he is gonna report it missing 2morrow. now he told me as long as i get it unlock b4 then it work on all networks other then orange is this true? also if it does get blocked is ther another way of unblocking plz?
If it was on contract then yeah they will probelry bat the phones imei from every uk network :D so it will work abroad :Cheers: u can change the imei but i cant say how m8 sorry i dont think its like in the rules for me to mention it as its very illegal to do so if an admin says i can then i will tell u how but i dont want people ribbing phones and then comeing here to change the imei m8ty :)
Yes it will get blocked , unlocking it will not stop it getting blocked.
Though unblocking is illegal its not that hard to find someone to do it for u.
All it is is changing the imei.