Wiimote PC / Mac linkup...


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Nov 16, 2004
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There are now quite a few divers/software & development packages which will allow you to use a wiimote on your PC via bluetooth and / or the Wii IR unit, so I thought I would just get a heads up to you all...

There is a package which will allow you to use the Wiimote with a Mac and the Front Row media software. With the PC you can use it as a general mouse like device, and on games aswell apparently. For a tutorial on the Mac / Front Row linkup, check out episode 2x07 @ www.hak5.org

I tried linking mine up today, but my bluetooth dongle and associated driver/stack won't let it sign up as a trusted device. Some do, some don't, just try yours out and see what happens.

I have attached a software package for you to try, but like I say there are quite a few around now so you might want to do a google on them.

step 1. Get a connection between your PC and Wiimote. The standard windows bluethtooth stack WILL NOT WORK. Open your bluetooth software, hold down buttons 1 and 2 on the wiimote and then search for devices ( the blue lights on the wiimote need to be flashing when you are searching for it or 'pinging' it for whatever reason). NOW, depending on your software, you need to add the wiimote to the trusted list. If you get asked for a passkey just leave it blank, or press skip if you can and hope this will add it to the trusted list.

step 2. now open the attached software or one you have found and play...