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Jan 27, 2006
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Hi any info on where to buy a wiikey chip. Also i heard that it is very small and a small iron is need to do this. Is this true??

Thanks in advance
A normal soldering iron would do.
Boards a little too thick and a little misaligned for the pinouts.
So use a bridge wire for the board to wiikey.
Thanks for that buddy. Any idea where to best place to get the chip also anyone got backed up games willing to pay for them.

yuo can definately solder the wiikey in place without bridging wires as long as you have a fine point on the iron

did mine without wire just carefully dragged the hot solder up onto the points of the wiikey took a max of 5 mins to solder and a min or so to corectly place as points are out of line slightly
Is there anyplace in the Uk that has the wiikey in stock? please let me know.