wiikey installed plays ntsc games


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Jun 4, 2005
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recieved my wiikey this morning so cracked open the wii didnt even use a security screwdriver a regular small flat bladed one works fine
installed the chip the smaller solder pads are fiddlier if your doing the no wire method as the pads are slightly out of line with the pcb of the drive

took me maybe five mins to fit with no wires needed
put it back together and run the wii setup disk i dloaded and burned
selected region free

and i now plays 2 ntsc games i have which it definately did not play before selecting the region free option

burned games on tuff disks @ 8x speed no problems and no dre's
all 12 games i have backed up work fine

just abit of info for ppl wanting one of these chips
Thanks for the info.

Can you confirm whether there is an option on the setup disk to load GC homebrew?

What other options are available?
where di you purchase your wiikey from m8, and how much inc delivery.

i may want 2, but if others want one on here, we can sort out postage, as the ones i have seen come from overseas and can work out more on delivery.

thanks in advance.
Got mine delivered this morning, not fitted it yet. Glad to see its got a good report though. Got it from cheapmod.net ordered it on thursday arrived today. Do you need the GC controller to change settings then?
There's two different setup disks. One for use with a controller, and one that doesn't require the controller. The one that doesn't require the controller uses the reset button
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sry for not replying sooner couldnt get kids back off console all day i used the disk that uses the reset button easy quick press changes options long press selects that option

got chip from glens cheapmod price was i think 28 quid inc delivery (was less than 30 quid anyway and next day delivery)

and theres only 3 options available to select from

1: region lock on off
2 audio fix on off
3 disk speed x6

save settings

i have found a problem though
when console is powered off it alters region setting back to console default which is pal

tried a number of times but doesnt seem to save even though it it says setting saved
does cause problems cos then when you insert an ntsc game disk and its reverted back to pal it causes console to lock up and has to be hard reset

fitting is simple though
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