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Aug 8, 2001
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fes, ive read that 2 LEDs can be added, i have bi coloured hyper bright red and blue that i used to fit in xboxes (on xbmc they flash red blue and purple, bling as fook lol) im waiting for veroboard from ebay as my chip is just loose at the moment, how did you fit the board to the case? also the wiifree readme says to use a 680 ohm resistor if fitting LEDs, did you use one?

cheers m8y

You can also connect LEDs to pin 2 & 3 for bling... bling... connect the LED's in series with a resistor value 680 Ohm.. so
pin2 ---> +LED- ---> resistor ---> pin8
pin3 ---> +LED- ---> resistor ---> pin8

alternate LED blink when error.

this would mean that my LEDs would blink between red and blue if an error occured, but what if all is fine?
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ok found a bit of veroboard, when it 1st comes on its purple, then its blue with red flashes, then just red flashes with a few long red flashes as game loads. even in standby it still flashes red

think ill turn the LED around, i like blue better lol
hi digidude i didn't use a resistor

because the chip is only pulling 3.3v if i read it right

and yeh u can add more led's


but i only used 1

but what ur saying is right...lol
got 3 to do today so am now going to fit the tri-colour LED as part of the package :proud: might even have a go at flush mounting one in the case of the Wii, ill take pics if i do it