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WiiFree 2.29


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May 9, 2006
Latest version = 2.29test1
Latest stable release = 2.26


Work in progress:
- More sleep

The official support forum can be found at:
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2.28 - 2.29test: We need testresults, the problem is that we don't have a lot of Wii's to test on. Something that works here, might nog work on
other Wii's. Feel free to alter the code to something that works fine on your Wii, and post the results.
2.27 - 2.28 : Just experimented with the code.
2.26 - 2.27 : We think we improved the region patching. Please tell us if it is really better or not!!
2.25 - 2.26 : Optimized code, some stuff might work better. Configurable region and speedsettings with the NEW config dvd. You might experience
flickering of the config menu, sorry but we didn't feel like fixing that at the moment. You can set the region and speed in
the hex file by changing the DATA EEprom byte 0 and 1.
Byte 0 is the region: 0 for JAP, 1 for USA, 2 for EUR, FF for none.
Byte 1 is te speedsetting: 0 for low, 1 for medium, FF for max
2.24 - 2.25 : Cleaned the code. Removed a loop which could influence the region patching. Improved region patching
2.23 - 2.24 : Fixed minor bug with infinite loop
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Feb 19, 2006
ive got wing island and cooking mamma imports with both work without having to set region or patch the dvd's! with v2.29t