wiifree 2.00b5


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May 9, 2006
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- Can anyone help us out on the drivespeed... so we can remove the stuttering in the warioware movie??

The official support forum can be found at: http://www.wiinewz.com


2.00b3 - 2.00b5 : Fixed big BUG!!
2.00b2 - 2.00b3 : Fixed original Wii games not playing. Fixed some gc games not playing.
2.00b1 - 2.00b2 : Better detection of backup discs, due to updated patching method. If none of your discs is working, you've got the regionsettings wrong.
1.51 - 2.00b1 : Added Multiregion support for Wii games. Use the configuration DVD to set your region. Or use one of the supplied hexes.
1.50 - 1.51 : Updated the code, added comments. Better detection of backup disc insert. Cleaner drive detection and alternate LED blink when error.
1.23 - 1.50 : GC backups support!!! Updated the patching code, removed the wait_disc routine AND ..... Disco!!!
1.22 - 1.23 : Updated the code, functionality is the same
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this works great included is the regions.
boots ntsc red steel on pal machine
so is this the proper release or still beta testing???

and anyone else tried it??

Still beta testing as more stuff to go in even still.
But getting better and better.
so is there any problems with it or bugs at the moment??

but looks nice

gona wait till the proper v2 comes out

cant be arsed to programme chip every 2 dayz