Wii Modded


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Dec 5, 2006
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hi guys , how much would i be looking to pay to get my wii modded ,or if any person in the manchester area can sort it for me
kind regards biffo
well it depends if u got a chip or not

but to fit it u have to have a decent soldering iron or even better a rework station or temp controlled soldering iron

the reason i say this is because u can very easily lift the pads were u need to solder some of the wires to if ur soldering iron is slightly a higher wattage or temp

and im saying this from experiance....lol because i forgot to set the temp properly on my iron and ended up weakening the pads

and when i put the wii together 2 of the pads ripped of because some of the wires got traped in the shielding

and then i had to solder directly to the micro - chip

and trust me it is fookin hard

but got it sorted

there are a few members from manchester here so some one should be able to sort u out

but typically it would cost around £10 to £15 if u got ur own chip
thanks for the reply fes , i dont have thechip so what would i be looking to pay , or ca u advise me the best place to get one
regards biffo