wich jtag do i need


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Oct 5, 2005
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Belfast, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
i have a coulpe of pace boxes lying round and some sammys, does any one know what pogo jtags i need or can you buy one that will do them all as i have seen this in t-m-c


will this work on all the boxes: multi :
The universal jtag can do all boxes however this jtag type requires soldering.
The interchangable jtag comes with two pogo leads (no soldering required) which can do both pace and samsung boxes, all that is required is you change between the two leads depending on whether you want to jtag a pace or samsung. This is the easier of the two and would recommend this unless you enjoy soldering.
TMC do both these jtag types.
where else can i get one of these jtags from i have dealt with tmc before and were not happy with them sorry to butt in on your ? mate: big crow

PM atmelace. He's a member of this forum. never heard a bad word about the guy!