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Jun 9, 2002
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Lo all,

Am looking into sharing my broadband 2MB connection around the house to the other computers.

It looks like Wi-Fi is the way to go, and have found a nice broadband router over at amazon


which has won awards etc and seems a very good piece of kit. I've understood the basics concepts of all this ok, but cant seem to find anywhere how it may affect my download speeds. If my broadband is connected directly to this router and the data is being broadcast to my main pc am i still going to be getting download speeds like i am now of sometimes over 200kb/s?

Anybody out there setup one of these networks and might be able to advise me?
Yes you would get the same speed if only you're connected to the internet. But oviously it depneds how many prople are connected at the same time and what they are doing (downloaidng).

Basically all of you connected to the internet via (router) will be sharing the same pipe. So if all of you are downloading at the same time (the download speed will be shared amonst all of you).

Hope this helps.
thanks KhuramG,

thats pretty much what i wanted to hear :Cheers:
Cyke, I run a network at home, with two client pc's & two servers connected through a switch to the router/modem and two clients connected via wifi and all works fine, no you won't get the same download speed as you do now if all machines are on and using the net, as Khg says, but it will still be fast enough unless your all pulling massive files at once. If your really clever you could config the Qos to throttle some machines and allow more bandwidth for others..I think...I'm not that clever..lol