Why do i get all the strange & unsolvable problems ?


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Jul 27, 2005
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Andromeda system

I have three modems running, i only use them when i need to get something quickly, most of the time i just use the one...they are all 5100i's and 2 have sigma x2 and one has sigma 1.06.....no matter which one i connect up as the third i cant access any web pages al though i am still downloading from news and am on messenger.....the wierd thing is i can get the google page up...i can type anything into and i get an instant result, however, when i click any of the results it just times out, same for my bookmarks...press google again and it comes straight up, i tried turning off wingate and setting to auto detect settings....cant work it out...never had this trouble with 4200's....with the 2 that have sigma x2 on them, i can access the sigma page via and i previously could access the normal page via but now when i try to access the normal page it just says not authorised or socket error...

can anyone work that out ?? i sure as hell cant.