Why Did You Come To DW?


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Jun 13, 2009
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Why Did You Come To DW?

i came here as MaxMax lmao:Fish:

i found this site Looking For The 3Dongle £5...thread which someone pointed out to me me back in early 2009
I use to be a mod on another site...small site but good.
as you know i like to post items in freebies/bargains/music etc and answear questions when i can,
i rarely ask for help from anyone but if i did i know someone will help me on here.
so since nag3 has come it dont bother me as im not bothered about that, i did not come here for that,
so hopefully i will be posting still for the future but its getting abit too much (handbag fights) there is just no need.
anyway so how and why did you com to DW?:banana:

ya ya im bored lmao
Hmm, a friend of mine has been here for quite a while, he said i might like the place, although he might be regretting it at this stage ;) lol
My brother is a member and told me about DW when i was learning about soft modding the Wii.

Have been here since but cant remember the last time i looked at the wii section now :lol:
Always been interested in electrical stuff and gadgets so done a search on the net and dw came up,only a handful of members when i first started and glad to say theres still some old skool members hanging around today :)
one of my best m8's was a member (madbomber), sadly no longer with us.
used to have a great time all of us fighting together. on medal of honour :Kickassro:SHOOTING:
needed help flashing a dbox but stayed for the banter
i was chatting to an DWmod on aol chat (56k modem lol) his name was munkeyspunks we were both into phone unlocking he recommended this site, was about 10 years ago now, became a mod shortly after joining.
Recommended by a friend and enjoyed every min so far, just a shame some threads have to be closed especially when they are interesting/educational to start with.
Keep up the good work lads. :Clap:
I came looking for freeview codes and bugged the hell outta the mods on the shoutbox for them :p

As it was none got released that week for some reason but I enjoyed the banter and stuck around.

I've made some good friends here and although I dont visit as often as I used to I've never lost touch with any of them and we always catch up some place or another :)

@ RAB - P, his grandson is still around and shows up occasionally, he seems to have grown up a wee bit now and last time I spoke to him he wasn't the pain in the ar*e that he used to be lol.
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I used to be a member of the old forum (days of pt-1 etc)which i originally joined to investigate dbox's and when DW splintered away, i followed.....it was quite some time ago:proud:
DBox 2 information/guides/help
Originally i was on another forum, but heard this one mentioned a couple of times in posts so thought i would take a look and just stuck around.
origianlly for the freeview codes and that quickly led to reading up on technomate , then onto tampering with xboxes , this place proves that you dont have to be a techy to get the most from your kit, (deep pockets tho when you break it in the process) Great sites always evolving!!!!!!:Clap::banana::Clap::banana:
good old friend of my (wasnotwasD) told me about this great site for some tv imformation ;), i must say got alot out of it, and still got a load of stuff to get me head around - and the help off all the ppl on here is great, no matter what it is.
I came here in search of intelligent life forms.

Mission is still ongoing ... lol.
was over at shack and got the cracking 500c dw image advertising site.
no looking back :Clap::Clap:
I won't name names but I had a difference of opinion with a member on this forum who is an admin assistant elsewhere, of course because he didn't like truthful criticism in the first place I was instantly demoted and that created needless issue he was throwing his weight around chucking the rulebook at me one second and then breaking those rules himself the next in truth so in the end I got perm banned, subsequently then a mate of mine who is a member of both this site and that one recommended me to come here. The rest is history.

I have to say I'm actually enjoying the forum a lot more now than I ever did before now that things have leveled out shall we say....
I was recommed by my mate great infomation , one of the best things ive done , met some good friends on here which ive since met and had a laugh with , i was also banned from this site for 2 years lol, its ok now as im back and lovin it , but let me tell u ive been admin and mod on other forums , but i didnt relize how much digitalworldz played in my life , how much time u are on here until sundenly it anit an option any more , all the silly petty arguments u can save off the forum , from past experience it isnt worth it.
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