Why and when is a creative commons license in Photography necessary?

May 2, 2017
I was having a chat with a colleague the other day and he didn't seem to know much about Creative commons licenses when it comes to photography. I know that the general intent is to keeps everyone safe and legal but i have rather very shallow information when it comes to Image copyrighting and uploading of images. Would anyone here be willing to elaborate more? :Wave:


Jnr admin
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Jnr Admin
Dec 10, 2004
Usually if you take the photo, you own the copyright (certain circumstances apply as to when you don't). And copyright is automatic upon the creation of the work; in the case of a photo this occurs when the shutter closes.

Creative Commons is a way of licencing any images you own the copyright on to the public domain - rather than an individual or entity.

Using a Creative Commons licence does not remove any of your rights as the copyright holder. For example; if you put one of your photos on Flikr or Wikimedia with a "NonCommercial" licence; then found someone selling prints of your photo. You'd be able to take them to court for a breach of copyright.