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Other which version to start as newbie

Discussion in 'Linux Section' started by brrrand, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. brrrand

    brrrand Premium Member

    Im new to Linux, which image should i start ?
  2. Leeagt

    Leeagt Member

    Linux Mint or Ubuntu is probably your most user friendly introduction to Linux
  3. marconipete

    marconipete New Member

    I'd definitely recommend Ubuntu as a good introduction to linux. Very user friendly and a breeze to use.
  4. t3rminal

    t3rminal Member

    Another vote here for Ubuntu. Try and do as much as you can via SSH too [emoji1360]

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  5. stylee

    stylee New Member

    if you are a beginner as the other have stated you cant go wrong with ubuntu, the safety of a GUI and the bonus of a terminal for you to practice and learn the commands :)

    Is it something in particular you are looking to build or purely to familiarise yourself?
  6. boroboy40

    boroboy40 New Member

    I really liked Linux mint it was the first one I tried when dipped my toe into Linux
  7. zionik87

    zionik87 Premium Member

    I think also that Ubuntu is good as starting distribution
  8. g4g4n

    g4g4n Inactive User

  9. taffitall

    taffitall New Member

    Linux Mint MATE is set up pretty well by defaults for people familiar with windows, Ubuntu might be different enough to kinda confuse some people, but they're both pretty easy to use.

    Other people like Zorin or ElementaryOS, so maybe worth trying as well. Good thing with most Linux distros you don't have to install them to try them out, just boot to live dvd or usb and see what works for you.
  10. chris25

    chris25 New Member


    For me, I think Mageia is easier than Unbuntu. Its graphical interface allows practically everything without going through a console. There are fewer defects and fewer new versions but the community is more restricted.
  11. DawidS28

    DawidS28 New Member

    Another vote for Ubuntu but I started from Fedora couple of years ago.
  12. lepool

    lepool New Member

    I think if a user come from Windoz then the best solution is Ubuntu

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