which sb modem suits me best


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Jul 28, 2005
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Hi Im new to this so please bear with me . Ive been reading ther posts with great intrest and cant wait to try out some of the sudgestions. First thing is I live in an area that was origionally Nynex then C&W now NTL.

Which is the prefered box for the above conditions and will I eventually obtain 10mb. I currently have the 2 mb service and have noticed that there is a fair use policy and downoad limit would this still be the case with the new modem as im sure the volume of downloads would be far greater than on 2mb.
Ive just inputted my postcode on the following site


It came back im on the Bromley platform (ex c&w) Is this a problem .

which sb boxes are compatible for me now please advise as im itching to get a box
That means your on EUROdocsis.
You can get what ever surfboard you fancy so long as it has and 'E' at the end of the number.
The sb4***e series can be done without a special cable.
A sb5100e will need a thing you have to make or buy called a blackcat.

This is all theory for me at the moment as my sb5100e hasn't arrived yet.
Any day soon !!
Unless i get knocked again!!
Thanks very much for the info that clears things up some what . Are the 4000 series much easier to work with then. The blackcat cable looks like Id have many a sleepless night.

Good luck with yours Name
Get yaself a 4100E or a 4200E all you need is the ethernet cable its really easy just follow the various tuts.
which surfboards are ok for original N*L areas?

Any surfboard with an 'I' or nothing at the end should work.
If you get an 'e' for next to nothing you can still get it to work in your area so i;m told .
Or if you get an e you can swop it with someone for an 'i' modem.
Like me!!
Same Dilemma as Author of this post. Where would I be able to purchase a 4100E or 4200E for less then £50?
Would I still need a mac thats out of the 2 mile radius of my area?
You can get sb 'e's from ebay. Usually from europe,but you can get them from uk as well.
Yeah you will still have to use a mac from outside your segment.