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What's your fav curry

Discussion in 'Food and Drink' started by webby42, May 22, 2013.

  1. webby42

    webby42 New Member

    Chicken Pattia is mine. Also a place up the road (Waltham Abbey Shuhag) used to do an excellent balti and many years ago the one by Ware station used to do some awesome chicken tikka bhuna type dishes. Now closed :(
  2. IANB

    IANB VIP Member

    Dont really have a favourite as i like any indian curry (not kormas or pasandas lol) I also like making my own :).
  3. Ratts

    Ratts VIP Member

    home made Chinese chicken curry for me :Drool:

  4. oneman

    oneman VIP Member

    the ones I make myself. I did post some recipes ages ago, don't know if they are still on here.
  5. rawsy

    rawsy DW F1 Champ 2010, 14

    Madras for me . Vindaloo is just too hot imo madras is just right.

    Akbars restaurant chain (west yorkshire) does the best ones I know of.
  6. madman9

    madman9 New Member

    Naga chicken!!!

    It's chicken tikka/tandoori in a spicy sauce, a bit like madras.

    Does the job for me!
  7. shaun127

    shaun127 VIP Member

    Chinese Duck Curry is my favourite takeaway Curry, but I love South African Cape Malay or Durban Curries and Thai green curries, I Dont like the indian takeaways near me but I enjoy going to an Indian restaurant near me who do a Mutton Curry cooked on the bone which is spot on
  8. goldeneagle1

    goldeneagle1 Member

    I like most curries from madras & hotter. The one i use most is called bazzar mix sourced from a local supplier . They also do a hot n spicy coating for chicken that beats kfc hotwings (bit hotter & really easy to make)

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  9. nara

    nara VIP Member

    Lamb Jalfrezi.
  10. Explosivo

    Explosivo VIP Member

    i'm more of a chilli person but i do like a pork or chicken Vindaloo.

    then regret it the next day
  11. baron

    baron VIP Member

    Talking about favourite currys any one watching rick stien in india, on currys from the regions, its like going to heaven and back went to goa a few years ago and loved sambar for breakfast every morning
  12. MH

    MH Administrator Staff Member

  13. Trabbs

    Trabbs VIP Member

    Chicken Mahkni, love it! Vindaloo too hot for me!
  14. McrRed

    McrRed Member

    Aloo Gobi. All day, every day :D
  15. nara

    nara VIP Member

    Never seen the point of Vindaloo. The heat masks all the flavours.

    In fact, any Asians I know think of Vindaloo as a macho trip for native Brits.
  16. Busta_Gonad

    Busta_Gonad VIP Member

    From curry house - Goan hara murgh or Nepali chicken jeera.

    Home made - we have an Atul Kochar book, and he does a Goan Sea Bass curry that does me everytkme
  17. stevejay

    stevejay Inactive User

    nah , not really, depends on what you can take, i love vindaloos, if i want to mellow out i just share a veggie balti with our lass ( shes a veggie, dont eat meat but sure likes a bone ;))
  18. chrispeters

    chrispeters Well-Known Member

    I like a special biryani , but with a madras curry instead of the crappy weak veg one they normally serve with it !
  19. luke6james

    luke6james New Member

    Chicken Tikka Jalfrezi.... !!!
  20. phnuggle

    phnuggle Inactive User

    Lamb Rogan Josh, can't go wrong.

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