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Jun 11, 2005
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Amount of channels you box should find

just done a rescan and now I only found 44 channels cant even get itv1 but before i rescanned it was allready on

I checked my signal strength an its on green 1 bar atm an my uhf channel is set on 26 this is the best one for me that ive seen.
I think it's either 70 or 71.

The number of channels you get depends on many things:

Where you are.

Quality, placing and direction of your aerial.

Quality and condition of cables and connectors.

You could have a look here:


and here:

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1. You can receive all the BBC's channels, and all the other free commercial channels on Freeview.
I had a new ariel fitted a while back it was on the chimley but the council took it down without my say so. I rang em an they put it back up but on the side of the house because they said the chimley was not safe
just strange the way I could recieve itv1 an then I rescanned and it wasnt tehre my recepetion has been bad recently but today look ok because I could recieve channels that were red squared last time so thats the reason I ran rescan :(

Just realised what it was someone had put me old card in the box just removed it rescanned an now its just found 82 channels let hope reception stays now :)