Whats happening???


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Mar 26, 2005
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Re-did my card yesterday all ok,this morning the box is giving me -

Pace--Tune--Nlt--Pat--Pnt --then it just goes mad and goes through a count of numbers from 0 to 6000 and just keeps going round and round---no eng menu if you keep your fingers on the buttons?????????

Wadya reckon?????? (in novice language)
I think your box is updating. Mine did the same. I left it on for an hour do that and it worked fine afterward. hope that helps
yes defo updating m8 just let it runs its course or do a forced update either way should sort it
Cheers---it's just it aint ever happened before: shocked2
Pace,tune,nit.pat nothing happens..........

Hi, Mine has done exactly the same thing as yours,apart from it dont count up anything it gets as afr as pat then stops, its as if its trying to tune in does what you say then just go's onto the ntl : sorry to interrupt your viewing, we are currently updating your service etc etc, screen this was on yesterday when I cam home from work & thinking the code had been changed I since then re-programmed the card put it back in but nothings changed , i also cleared the card and re-did it, still no joy, the box and card has been working fine for ages now , not gone off, i have turned it off re-booted it unplugged it turned it back on and thats all it keeps doing, any help or ideas its been like this since yesterday ?
I would suggest turn the power off for 5 mins and then connect the box back up. Leave it switched on for an hour or so. This way it should do its update. PS the card does not need to be in the box whilst it does this update. Try it without
Hi, yes I tried that yesterday,but I've tried it again and still nothing, :Smileysex
I took the card out and just plugged it back in---presto!!!

It only took about 5 minutes to update,thats the first time i've seen it do that hence the panic----all ok now.
should not need to take card out has the box just started doing that after you pulled the jumper if so it needs to update nothing to worry about leave it to do its stuff should not take long