what message do you get if you gone VOD?


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Oct 21, 2005
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just wondering what message have people got on their box's if they have gone vod
I tihnk its something like:

"Dear DBOX user,
We have now switched you over to VOD. By using your DBOX you are costing us millions of £££s each year, so as a punishment we are taking away your Front Row movie channels.

Sorry that its come to this,
Sincerely NTL."
Na you just get "Channel not available" when you try to view a front row channel :)
oh ok so that means that wasall front row has tunred off then , looks like my area birmingham gonna turn off soon as well, oh well i best start making the most of it now !
the message comes up on the screen this is vod please press red button to activate the following programme. dont be tight we know you have a dbox and we are coming for you

now if you see this message please post here


Just a blank screen and the usual "Channel not available Message"

Strange thing here in North Lanarkshire and elsewhere in Scotland (from reading the forum) is that Front Row 1 - 9 still work fine.

Anyone else seeing this?
I guess this will to be to compensate the analogue boxes still out there, so they show Front Row 1 - 9