What is on demand? this is

Oct 21, 2005
on demand is simple to use - access to the service is free and you don’t need any new equipment. You get lot’s of free programmes too like BBC shows such as Eastenders and Top Gear, music to suit all tastes as well as something for the kids.

Video on DemandDon’t worry, anything you have to pay for will be clearly marked before you buy and will appear on your bill. Don’t forget to ask the bill payer for permission before you buy.

With on demand, programmes start when you say so. Choose from a huge range of entertainment – a selection of your favourite TV shows, hundreds of films, music videos and kids programmes….all at the touch of a button.

It’s so easy!

To access this fantastic service, you don’t have to pay for any new equipment plus you get lots of free programmes too!

To watch a programme you simply press the on demand button on your remote or tune to either channel 106 or 107, choose your title and enjoy!

The playback controls on your remote allow you to pause, rewind, or watch it again any time you like, as many times as you like – just like a DVD!

The best way to see what’s available is to try it today. You can even change your PIN settings to stop certain age groups viewing unsuitable movies – now that’s real control.

ntl on demand has 5 libraries of great entertainment; pick of the week, kids on demand, music on demand, Filmflex and adult on demand.
Pick of the week
ntl have created a trial service called Pick of the Week which allows you to watch your favourite BBC programmes. Pick of the Week programmes are completely, so you can watch your favourite show whenever you want.

Kids on demand puts you in control of your family. Imagine something for the kids to watch 24 hours a day. And what’s more, our service has no TV adverts. Donn’t forget to ask the bill payers permisson before you buy.

TV Hits
TV Hits brings you the best of TV entertainment – the funniest comedy, gripping dramas and amazing factual series. Whether you missed the original broadcast on TV, or enjoyed it so much you want to see it again, TV Hits has something for you.

Imagine having a personal music video jukebox. Now you choose your favourite artists and decide how often you want to watch them. Whether you’re into pop, rock, dance, indie or RnB, we’ve got something for you.

FilmFlex is like having your own video store in your living room. Whether you want the latest blockbuster or all time classic, simply tune into Filmflex, channel 107 and check out the movie trailers to help you decide what to watch.

Adult on demand offers you a better way to enjoy a huge range of adult programmes. Most of the programmes are available between 10.00pm to 5.30am. The adult area is protected by PIN controls.