What Do I Do Now?


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Nov 5, 2005
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Ok ive had my 200 modem for over 10 months and until 3 weeks ago everything was running smooth. When NTL were carrying out the new updates my modem went down for 2 days. Then it auto came back on. Then couple of days later it was down again for couple of days.
I left it until 4 days ago, but then again when plugging it back in the modem was working on and off for the past one week.

Some times I would get disconnected within 2mins or somtimes within couple of hours. Only the last 2 days I had a stable connection lasting for over 8 hours. Now last night it went totaly off and since then I cant get back on.

Im assuming I need to update the mac? (Is this correct?)
Im also assuming I need to update the firmware?

Where do I buy the max cable from, so I can use hyper terminal in conjunction with the modem to get it to work?