What Discs ?


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Aug 29, 2001
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had a quick search but couldent see anything in depth about this

What discs do u use to backup/burn Wii games onto ?

do u guys only use exspensive discs or have u used cheaper ones,maybe mid range are good enough ?

please name make used :)
i have been burning to rytek discs m8.

i have about 15+ games but nowt to test em on LOL
send em to me m8, ive got a Wii, and ive got a chip, but not put them together yet, but im closer to being able to test them than you are lmao
i use verbatim +r disks burnt at 2.4X

work 100% on my wii modded with wiifree 2.26

by the way i always bit set them to DVD-Rom

just incase
using ridisc extreme 8x dvd+r full face white printable (from svp)

a word of warning ... make sure u can bitset single layer +r to dvd rom

my pioneer 111d (firmware 1.29) would only bitset dvd+r DUAL layer to dvd rom
i had to downgrade to buffalo 8.16 then upgrade to buffalo 8.29
(google dangerous brothers firmware)
then single layer was auto bitset to dvd rom
i have burnt at 8x 6x and 4x (same iso) and each works fine

i`m still testing wiifree firmware`s and have had a few problems but now i have a confirmed working image/disk, and my soldering is good... (only just) i`ll check em all out and post some results
cheaper the better i use gigatain dvd-r about £5 for 50 cheap and nasty but they work
i use ritek g5 dvd-r burned at 4x with nero
i'v got a winga mot and not burt one coster yet

cheers andy
Thanks for the replys :) should have my Wii back in a day or 2 so I can start testing my discs
Ritek G05 :) cheers guys