What causes high ECM times?


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Sep 14, 2017
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After reading about this topic I have doubts and I would like to know your opinion.

What is better, newcamd or cccam or mgcamd?
Which is more stable and fast?
Depends on deco?
the architecture of a vu + solo2 is MIPSEL.
For a vu + solo2, which is better?
for your experience, which do you prefer?

1.) What great difference is there between the three? I do not find much information by google and I like to learn.
2.) In your opinion which is better and why?
newcamd o cccam? I guess it will depend on the traffic each one, right?

3.) Which gives better time?
4.) What values should the ecm time have?
5.) If the two are going well, what do you advise me?
6.) Depends on Internet service BW? I have a 50M / 5M

Thank you in advance