what about image of the year 2005....


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Oct 21, 2005
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planet earth
what about image of the year 2005 like the oscars for images lol a guide to good images some kind of vote might be fun to see what this forum vote n1 for 2005. just a thought dont want to affend any 1 there all good images :)
I don't think it's a good idea...anybody that mods an image and makes it available for all to download deserves equal credit in my book. Someones image may be better but only because they have more experience in the field, i.e. Linux. And some images will work great on one box and not at all on another so it's hard to make a comparison.

Just my 2 cents worth!
Having already won the prestigious Señor Ding Dong's Greatest Image Ever Award, Gav's Next Gen image has already achieved the highest accolade of the Dbox community, and by comparison, any other award would merely be the equivalent of an MTV or People's Choice award.

liamcrayden said:
Ill leave it up to gav ;) see what he says

lol what can i say i really say no myself

but im not afraid as i just do a service weather some like it or not im happy with that lol

liam if you think its a good idea m8 then someone can set it up but im not getting involved lol



Good Idea

come on its only fun i would like to see what every one else thinks of this idea:banana:
image of the year ...not a good idea..

hi ..this image of the year idea is no good because all dboxes are diffrent one image is good for some boxes and not for others.so people will have unfair opinion.people likes of gav and liam and all the others who have relased images deserve equal awards..without these people i would be watching countdown.instead of baby tv yes baby tv..: santahat : santahat
1x + 2x

1x + 2x ok what about the best 1x and the best 2x i have two boxs one image works better than the other on diffrent boxs but i no with one i like the best .:)
if you do an image of the year 2005 it should be for the people that have produced them not the people that mod them
Like others, I don't think you can have an image of the year. Full credit to all the developers out there instead, well done.
i think we should leave this as it is

not a very good idea and everyone should keep there opinions to themselves as you need to think about people that want to mod and all this could put people off and could upset other people as well so can we all just stop now please now

oh dear look like it cant be a bit off fun and maybe it was not good to start this but it was ment to be harmless fun:banana: